About Us

Butcher Block USA, located in Menominee Michigan, and its partners have developed an outstanding product line of the finest solid wood products in North America.  Our wood products are made in America from renewable resources grown in the USA. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.


Hardwood Top Installation and Care

Wood will respond to changes in temperature and humidity.  Consequently, you must allow the top to move with these changes.  When installing your butcher block top, make sure that the hole in the work bench or cabinetry is larger than the fastener being used.  The larger hole will allow the top to move with the weather.  Pre-drill pilot holes for fasteners and do not over tighten the fastener.

If your butcher block is unfinished it will cup or warp if left unwrapped and exposed to the air.  Wrap the top in plastic or leave it banded to the pallet to prevent warping.  Finish the top as soon as possible. We cannot warranty unfinished tops for cupping or flatness.

Your butcher block top may have been finished with food grade mineral oil…the same mineral oil you can buy at the grocery store.  You should reapply mineral oil to the top and sides as often as necessary to keep the top from drying out.  A rule of thumb is to reapply the oil once a week for the first month, once a month for the first year and then as needed.  A top that is too dry is prone to cracking on the edges.

Do not submerge your block into water.  You may clean the block with soap and water and you can sanitize the block with diluted white vinegar or bleach solution.  Do not let liquids sit on the block for long periods of time.

If your block has a lacquer finish then it has 2 coats of DuraLaq-WB satin on the top and edges and one coat on the bottom.  Our finish is water resistant but not water proof.  You can find out more about our finish at http://lenmar-coatings.com/product-detail/pro/lenmar/duralaq-wb-waterborne-acrylic-clear-finish.

With some simple care and maintenance your butcher block top will last for many years to come.